Ammo Brothers (Ammo Bros) was founded in 2002 by two brothers, Dustin and Darrin, who grew up loving outdoor sports.  Dustin was constantly reloading his own ammo, unable to find decent priced ammunition that worked well in his firearms.  With his brother's help, they started selling reloads at local gun shows.  The two soon developed a reputation for quality with great prices. The brothers opened a small retail store in Cerritos, CA in 2004 that they quickly outgrew.  Ammo Bros filled their store with new and remanufactured ammunition, tactical and hunting firearms, and firearm gear.  In 2009 their second retail location was opened in Ontario, CA. In 2015 the company doubled its size, opening two new locations in Riverside, CA and Santa Ana, CA.  Soon Ammo Bros was known in Southern California as the go-to shop to buy guns and ammo for both local residents and police departments.  In 2016 Ammo Bros opened its most-southern store, located in San Diego, near Miramar Air Base, supplying local Marines with tactical accessories.  Our newest store opened late 2017 in Perris, CA.  Ammo Bros is striving to open more locations in Southern California, so be on the lookout for one near you soon!