Making a Purchase

We want to make your shopping experience as simple as possible.  Browse our online catalog, click on any items you wish to buy and add them to your shopping cart.  After you have finished your selection, click on “Check Out” and you will be asked for a few details to complete your order.  We only accept credit card payments for internet orders.  If you are making payment with a debit card, please understand Ammo Bros will take no responsibility for any overdraft charges associated with this purchase including any charges associated with processing errors.  The corporate office of Ammo Bros is located in California; therefore any orders shipped to CA destinations will be charged sales tax. 

After an order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to follow the processing of your order through the Order Status page of our website.  Typically, shipping orders are processed the business day after the order has been placed, but can take up to three business days during high volume periods.  Orders for in-store pickup at any Ammo Bros location will be transferred on the store's next transfer.  We process one transfer each week from our warehouse to each location.  The Ammo Bros store chosen for pickup will contact you and update your Order Status once the order is received and available for pickup.

Any orders left unclaimed at an Ammo Bros store after 30 days (without prior communication) will be cancelled and charged a full 20% restocking fee.

By purchasing from Ammo Bros, you affirm that you:

  • Are a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Have never been convicted of a felony or crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year
  • Have never been adjudicated as mentally defective or been committed to a mental institution
  • Have never been a fugitive from justice, an unlawful user of any controlled substance
  • Have never been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces
  • Have never renounced your US citizenship
  • Have never been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
  • Are not currently subject to a court order that restrains you from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child


Purchasing Ammunition

    Ammunition is unable to be shipped/delivered to any individual within the state of California.  You may pick up an ammo order purchased from at any Ammo Bros location, or we can ship the order to a dealer of your choice.  

    Ammunition purchases to be shipped outside of California can be shipped to an individual directly unless otherwise prohibited by your state.  Please be aware of your local ammo laws prior to placing an order with Ammo Bros. 


    Purchasing Firearms

    Firearms are unable to be shipped/delivered to any individual.  You may pick up any firearm purchased from at any Ammo Bros location, or we can ship the firearm to a dealer of your choice.  It is required for us to have a copy of your (or your local transfer dealer’s) signed Federal Firearms License or Collector of Curio & Relics License on file prior to shipping any firearms.  All orders placed without a signed copy of the Federal Firearms License (or other necessary licensing) on file may be delayed.  You may have your transfer dealer email their FFL with your name and order number to 


    What do I need to buy a gun in CA?

    There is a 10-day background check required to purchase any firearm within the state of CA.  Firearms require a valid CA ID or CA DL and Firearm Safety Certificate to purchase. Handguns also require a proof of residence. You must also perform a safe handling demonstration before the release any firearm.  The following are state approved documents that may be used as proof of residence:

    • Utility bill including a land line phone bill or cable bill, dated within 90 days of firearm purchase
    • Valid, state-issued license, permit, or registration, showing a period of validity and your current address
    • Residential lease or mortgage deed.


    Ammo Bros stores accept incoming transfers and will be glad to transfer a firearm or ammunition to you.

    Incoming Transfers

    Transfers are firearms shipped into a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) from another location. They can be shipped from either another FFL dealer or a private individual.
    Transfers MUST Be CA Legal. Handguns must either be on the CA DOJ Roster of Approved Firearms or be exempt from the roster.


    Incoming FFL Transfers are $75.00 + $37.19 DROS (CA Background Check) + CA Sales Tax. All transfers from FFL dealers must have a CA Firearm Shipment Approval number. Any firearm received without an approval number will be returned at the buyers expense. Transfers from private individuals are exempt from CA Firearm Shipment Approval and CA sales tax.  All firearms received from a private individual MUST have a clear copy of the sellers ID included in the box.

    Any firearms left unclaimed after 90 days will be charged a $20 /month storage fee.  If the total of storage fees become more than the firearm is worth, Ammo Bros will then sell the firearm to recover fees owed.

    Private Party Transfers

    A Private Party Transfer (PPT) is a transaction between two separate individuals living in CA.  Both the buyer and seller MUST be present for this type of transaction. The state fee for a PPT is $47.19.


      Privacy Policy

      Ammo Bros will not disclose buyers’ information to third parties. Cookies are used on this shopping site to track the contents of your shopping cart once you have selected an item(s), to store delivery addresses if the address book is used, and to store your details upon selecting the ‘Remember Me’ option.