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Firearms Transfers

Ammo Bros stores accept incoming transfers and will be glad to transfer a firearm to you.


FFL Transfers are firearms shipped into an FFL from another location. They can be shipped from either another dealer or a private individual.
FFL Transfers MUST Be CA Legal. Handguns must either be on the CA DOJ Roster of Approved Firearms or be exempt from the roster.


Incoming FFL Transfers are $75.00 + $25.00 DROS (CA Background Check) + CA Sales Tax. All transfers from FFL dealers must have a CA Firearm Shipment Approval number. Any firearm received without an approval number will be returned at the buyers expense. Transfers from private individuals are exempt from CA Firearm Shipment Approvals and CA sales tax.  All firearms received from a private individual MUST have a clear copy of the sellers ID included in the box.

Any firearms left unclaimed after 90 days will be charged a $10 /month storage fee.  If the total of storage fees become more than the worth of the firearm, Ammo Bros will then sell the firearm to recover fees owed.


Private Party Transfers

A Private Party Transfer is a transaction between two separate individuals living in CA.  Both the buyer and seller MUST be present for this type of transaction. The PPT Fee is $35.00


What do I need to buy a gun in CA?

There is a 10-day background check required to purchase any firearm within the state of CA.  Rifles and shotguns require a valid CA ID or drivers license to purchase. Handguns require a valid: CA ID/DL, Handgun Safety Certificate and Proof of Residence. The following are state approved documents that may be used as proof of residence: a current utility bill including a land line phone bill or cable bill, a valid state-issued license showing a period of validity and your current address, or a residential lease/mortgage deed.  You must also perform a safe handling demonstration before the release any handgun.


Requirements before shipping your firearm

When purchasing a firearm from our website to be transferred to your local FFL dealer, we require a valid copy of the Federal Firearms License.  You may have this faxed or emailed with your name and order number to (562) 865-1347 or


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